Saturday, December 24, 2011

Graduation Scrapbooks

A walk down memory lane ~  
Perhaps no other time in our life defines us more than our teenage years in senior high school. We go to our first prom, get our driver's license and class rings, fall in love and graduate.  It's a right of passage that tends to collect with it all sorts of memorabilia.  Most of us have it contained to a box somewhere in a closet to be found by our children or grandchildren one day.  Why not get them into an album where we can reminisce from time to time.  Baskets beside furniture can often house a few albums and spark many conversations with family members on holiday's and with house guests.

Beautifu l~ and only two elements!

It may even fall into the hands of your teenagers.  Pictures speak volumes....{yes, we were your age once!}and perhaps can prompt those crucial conversations you've been meaning to have.  It's easier than you think, really! Nothing fancy, a plain 12 X 12 album in your school colors and attach your tassel and/or varsity letter to the front and spine to embellish.  Use 12 X 12 card stock in your school colors for the background and decorate.

Some things you may think to include:

  • graduation tickets/announcements 
  • dates and places                 
  • love letters
  • prom pictures                                    
  • favorite hangout spots              
  • newspaper clippings
  • diploma                                              
  • top songs/bands/news              
  • team sports pictures
  • senior portrait                                    
  • report cards                            
  • awards
  • class ring ceremony program              
  • college applications                  
  • journaling

                    Remember, it doesn't have to look professional!  The true gift is in remembering!
If you have older children, start one for them.  Many local scrapbook stores sell paper and accessories designed for your child's individual school.  These make GREAT grad gifts too~